Why buy with a RE/MAX Agent?

Why buy with a RE/MAX Agent?

Anyone could say that the Agent does not matter, that the important thing is the property. But the truth is, the right Agent is more likely to get you the right property.

At RE/MAX, we pride ourselves on the quality of our Agents. But you may wonder... what makes them different from other Agents? They say they are better, but ... why? Here are some factors:

1- Our Agents have access to a private MLS, similar to what is used in the United States. MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service; It is an automated system that agents in the US use to register their properties and also their buyers. Our Agents in the Caribbean and Central America have access to their own MLS. To our knowledge, there is no other real estate company in our Region that has access to a similar system. This exponentially increases the quality of the service we provide and puts our Agents at the level of their peers from countries with a highly developed real estate industry.

2- Our Agents receive constant training at various levels: they receive local training from their Broker, in addition to training from the RE/MAX University that operates at the country level, the region (RE/MAX Caribbean and Central America) and globally (RE/MAX Global Headquarters).

3- All are subscribed to a strict Code of Ethics. For us, business ethics goes much further than not stealing. Our ethics is to always tell the truth, both to buyers and sellers. Our Agents don't want to have a good month; They want to have a good career!

4- RE/MAX Agents have access to an excellent inventory. They not only have their own inventory; They also have access to the inventory of the RE/MAX network – access to inventory of other Offices in their country, in their Region, and in the world!

5- Our Agents are not employees; they are independent entrepreneurs. As entrepreneurs, RE/MAX Agents are personally, financially, and legally committed to providing you with the best possible service. They are highly motivated professionals who work long hours and invest their own money for the benefit of their clients and their own. Thus, it is most likely that they provide you with a better service than what Agents from other companies provide.

In short, our Agents live up to the name of our company: RE/MAX, which stands for Real Estate Maximums. They strive to offer the maximum service, have the maximum inventory, the maximum presence online and provide the maximum value to each client.